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Swans fans: We’ve been ‘very unlucky’

The Swans have been one of the most successful AFL clubs in recent years, but they’ve been on the losing end of the competition more times than not, with seven of the last eight finals defeats.

Now the club is going through an all-out rebuild, with the Swans having won five of their past six finals games and they’re still searching for their first win in the AFL grand final series since 2009.

And now, the club’s new CEO John Barker is telling the Swanmedia he thinks the Swanners’ future is in doubt.

In a statement released on Monday, Barker said the club has been “very unlucky” and has been on a losing streak.

“We’ve got the talent, we’ve got players that are really strong,” Barker said.

“But it’s been very unfortunate that we’ve been so unlucky.”

Barker said the Swannies’ focus had been on finding a coach to coach them and, while he wouldn’t name a coach, he would expect someone to be in place for the next season.

“I think we’re going to see some changes,” Barker told the Swannymedia.

“We’re not going to go backwards and get a coach who is going to get us there.”

The Swans’ 2017 premiership win is their only finals appearance since 2004, but Barker says they need to make a few changes if they’re going in a different direction.

“They’ve got to make some changes and change the way they play football,” Barker added.

“They’ve had too much focus on football, not enough on winning.”

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