Wholesale Distributor TV ‘You have to have love for your neighbor’: The Palestinian man whose ‘love’ inspired the Palestinian suicide bomber

‘You have to have love for your neighbor’: The Palestinian man whose ‘love’ inspired the Palestinian suicide bomber

An Israeli woman who filmed herself telling her Israeli neighbors to “love each other” after they saw her filming herself topless has become the target of criticism for her controversial message.

“The world is going crazy over this.

You have to be able to love each other,” the clip shows Nadia Abu Rami, a 28-year-old Israeli woman, saying on camera.

The clip sparked international outrage and prompted Israeli police to question her.

“I think I’m being targeted because of what I’ve done,” Abu Rama said.

Abu Rawa told The Associated Press she had decided to post the video to Facebook and Facebook Messenger, a messaging app, after her boyfriend’s death last month sparked international outcry.

“He’s not a terrorist,” she said.

“There are so many Palestinian men who are dying from violence, who are suffering, who have been murdered.

There are so much love there.”

Abu Raiba is one of thousands of Palestinians who have faced death threats, forced disappearances and forced evictions in recent months, most of them targeting men, women and children.

The latest wave of attacks targeted a family of three in the West Bank, a school in the Gaza Strip and a home in East Jerusalem.

Israel says it has the right to protect itself, but critics say it’s not doing enough to curb anti-Semitic attacks.

The wave of hate speech against Palestinians is growing.

In June, Israel’s chief rabbi said the killing of a Jewish settler by Palestinian extremists was “a disgrace.”

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on June 7 that “we will never accept the creation of a Palestinian state” in the occupied West Bank.

“We will not allow the creation, or occupation of another people, or the subjugation of another culture, or our destruction of the land,” he said.

But Abu Raaiba is the latest in a long line of Israeli citizens who have expressed sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers, saying they have “truly been the heroes of this movement.”

In 2015, Israeli police arrested a woman who allegedly posted a video of herself lying in a hospital bed after she was shot by Israeli security forces.

The video went viral and led to a national debate about the role of the media in shaping perceptions of Palestinians.

In 2016, Israeli authorities charged a man for allegedly helping an Israeli settler shoot and kill a Palestinian who was trying to steal a truck.

In 2017, a Palestinian man was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of attempting to stab a police officer and other bystanders in a stabbing attack on a bus.

Last month, a former Israeli soldier was arrested in New York on suspicion of plotting to kill Israelis and their supporters in the U.S. Abu Al-Rami, the woman filmed in the video, said she was moved to tears by the footage.

“When I saw this video, I was like, I’ve been waiting for this day, I have to share it with people,” Abu Alraibi told The AP.

“And the first thing I did was put my camera on the bed, put my phone on the phone and I just watched the video.

I was speechless.”