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Midea electrified: The latest news

Electrical appliances and household appliances have been electrified in the south-eastern region of Mideabia, sparking speculation the region may become the next major battleground in the war against Ebola.

On Tuesday, the region’s state health service announced it was electrifying its electric grid, which had previously been maintained by private companies.

The announcement comes just a week after the district governor announced the region had been hit by an Ebola outbreak, with over 10,000 confirmed cases and over 10 deaths.

It came as Midebia’s mayor said the region could be next to fall victim to the virus.

A government official told AFP that the Mideas state health services would be electrified and a total of 20,000 households in the region will be electrised.

“If we have a crisis we will have to deal with it.

This is an urgent decision,” the official said, without giving any figures.

The governor of Mipos said on Tuesday that a total 5,500 health workers have been deployed to the region, and that the region would be in a state of emergency if it has to go to lockdown.

He said that it would be a matter for the government to decide when and how to trigger a lockdown.