Wholesale Distributor Refrigerator Electricians who use household appliances to repair homes in Dublin

Electricians who use household appliances to repair homes in Dublin

An electrician who has been repairing electrical appliances in the Dublin area has been given a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to burglary and burglary of a property in Dublin’s west.

The court heard that James McArdle, 49, from Clonmel, Dublin, had been using his electrician’s licence for about three years to work on the homes of his wife and four children.

In court, he admitted that he had entered the homes and that his licence was being used to enter properties.

He also admitted breaking into a house in Clonmellagh last year.

In his defence, he said he had no intention of stealing anything and had only been doing it because he was frustrated by the lack of work on his electricians’ licences.

He told the court that he was in a “bunch of pain” after he left the home of his ex-wife and their two children.

Mr McArsley said his life was “getting worse” and he had lost his job.The gardaí who arrested Mr McArdsley, said that after a search of the property, they discovered a “significant” amount of equipment, including electrical appliances.

The Garda said they found the licence had been stolen and that Mr Mcardsley had been breaching the terms of the licence.

“We found the equipment and a significant amount of items that were not being used in his work and that he did not have the right to have access to,” the Garda’s Det Insp Kevin Hickey told the hearing.

He said it was clear that the property had been broken into and that the burglars were aware of the electrical appliances used to repair the property.

“There were items of evidence that had been taken from the property and he was aware of them,” the garda said.

The hearing also heard that Mr MacArdles wife had a history of domestic violence and that she had a previous conviction for assault causing grievous bodily harm.

The family were due to return to court on December 13.