Wholesale Distributor TV Electricity has a life of its own

Electricity has a life of its own

Electrical appliances are a staple in homes across Britain.

But one company is hoping to change that by selling them for electricity, rather than to power homes.

The company, Electra, said it will begin selling electricity to homes on Monday.

Its chief executive, Matthew Frew, said he wanted to make electricity a more attractive option for people to invest in.

“It is going to be a bit of a shock,” Mr Frew said.

“I’m actually shocked that people have decided to pay for electricity.”

Electricity is a very low cost energy product and people are really excited about it.

“Electra has a really good track record of success and customers have been very enthusiastic.”

Electra’s electricity is sold through electricity retailers in Britain.

It is also selling to consumers via a range of retail outlets, including home and business, and through the internet.

Electricity prices have fallen significantly since the financial crisis.

In December, it was selling for about $US60 a kilowatt-hour.

But the current price of electricity is about $15 a kilawatt-hours, down from more than $20 a kilobawatt in 2015.

The electric car company, PlugShare, is also making electricity available for purchase through its online store, but Mr Frick said the company’s electricity had been on sale for almost two months.

“PlugShare is the only electric car retailer that actually provides the electricity,” he said.

Electric cars are a growing segment of the market and have become a lucrative alternative to traditional petrol-powered vehicles.

Mr Frew has said plug-in electric cars are not going to replace the car but will allow people to live their lives with less petrol and emissions.

He said the electric car industry needed to grow rapidly.

“I don’t think that it will be possible to compete with the petrol cars and diesel cars on the market,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

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