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The latest on the NFL trade deadline

The NFL trade market is heating up this offseason, with several teams reportedly looking to move up or down depending on how the market develops.

A few of the teams that are rumored to be interested in trading up are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers.

The Steelers reportedly are looking to make a splash in the draft, with a draft pick or two, as well as adding a running back or quarterback to a roster that has been thinned out in recent years.

The Baltimore Ravens are looking for help at wide receiver, while the Kansas City 49ers are reportedly looking for a quarterback, a running game, and possibly a defensive lineman to add to the roster.

The Carolina Panthers have a need at defensive tackle, and a veteran running back could help in the future.

The New England Patriots are looking at a quarterback in free agency, as they are looking toward adding a quarterback or a runningback, while they have also expressed interest in adding a wide receiver.

The Kansas City Raiders and Denver Broncos are looking ahead to the 2018 season, with both teams reportedly eyeing the 2018 NFL draft.

The Chiefs are also rumored to have interest in trading down and acquiring a quarterback.

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored interested in acquiring a wide receivers/tight ends type of player.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are rumored looking to add a running backs and a quarterback to their roster.

The Green Bay and Seattle Seahawks also are rumored as being interested in a wide wide receiver and a tight end, while both teams also are looking forward to adding a receiver and running back in the upcoming draft.

The Miami Dolphins are also looking for an offensive lineman and running backs in free agent deals, and the New Orleans Saints are also reportedly looking at adding a tight ends and a running front.

The Cleveland Browns are reportedly interested in adding wide receivers, while New York Jets are also said to be in the mix for a wideout, as are the Chicago Bears.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are also in the market for a defensive line player.