Wholesale Distributor TV 5 tips to stay safe from home-sick virus

5 tips to stay safe from home-sick virus

By Katie Pfluger-O’BrienMASHABLE – March 25, 2018Tobacco smoke is the most common cause of illness reported to Health Canada in Canada, according to an April 2017 report.

The most commonly reported cause of respiratory illness was cigarette smoke.

But a small number of people are reporting coughing and wheezing as a symptom of the coronavirus.

In fact, cough and wheeze has been reported in as many as a quarter of the Canadian population in the last six months.

The respiratory illness and respiratory complications of COVID-19 are among the top 10 most common respiratory symptoms reported in Canada.

But what about those people who are getting sick from the COVID virus?

The common symptoms include:Sore throat or throat pain in the neck or upper body