Wholesale Distributor Air conditioner AC units at centre of cardiff electricity plant recalls

AC units at centre of cardiff electricity plant recalls

Cardiff, Wales – The UK electrical appliance market is at a standstill, as the power grid in the city of Cardiff is being shut down due to the widespread outages caused by the massive wildfires.

The city’s power supply was cut off earlier today (Wednesday) due to a wildfire that began on Saturday (June 19), but it is expected that by Monday morning all electrical appliances in the capital will be back online, according to a statement from the Welsh Government.

“All the electrical appliances are back online in Cardiff, and all other areas of the city will also be operational,” a statement said.

The fires have burned through more than 2,000 hectares of the island of Blyth and left an estimated 1,000 people homeless.

It is not known whether the fires are related to the fires that have ravaged the neighbouring island of Llanelli and the nearby island of Mafra.

The island of Cardiff, also home to the Cardiff Rugby Football Club, has also experienced outages due to fires that broke out in the neighbouring province of Wales earlier this week.

As of Monday afternoon, the city’s electrical supply had not been restored, the Government said.

“Due to the severity of the fires, we have decided to restrict the use of electricity to residential and non-residential users for a period of 24 hours,” the statement said, adding that “all electric appliances will be on standby for the duration of the crisis”.

Electric appliances are required to be in the main street at all times, but this is not being enforced, the statement added.

According to the Welsh Electricity Authority (WEA), the power supply is currently down due the fires.

The agency said it was expecting the power to be restored by Monday.

It is expected the outage will last until July 7, according the statement.

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