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How to buy a millersville electric appliance

A millersburgh woman is suing her local electric company for the cost of an electric washing machine that she says is out of warranty.

Tara Sperling says she bought the appliance in March and was promised it would be covered for 10 years.

But the company said that was not the case.

Sperling said she discovered the appliance was out of date on Oct. 2, and she contacted her local electrical company to find out if she could exchange the appliance for a new one.

Sparling said the company told her it could only accept exchange for new appliances that had been purchased and delivered within the previous 90 days, and the appliance would not be covered.

Spencer says the company is not being honest.

“We were told they have a replacement, we are not told that it is still in service, that the new appliance has a warranty,” Spencer said.

“That was the first thing I was concerned about.

We wanted to be sure that this was the right thing to do, and I feel that the company did not do that.”

The electric company did offer a new washing machine, but Spencer says she paid a total of $1,100.

Safer to buy than a new applianceSperng says she contacted the company again, and was told they would send her a replacement.

Spartan said they told Spencer they could send her the new one at no cost, but she was told it would cost $1 more than the original purchase.

“They said that if we don’t give them the replacement, they will not be able to replace the washing machine,” Spencer wrote.

“I told them I am willing to pay this price for the new washing machines, but I would prefer a brand new washing device, which is what I would want.

I want a safe, secure washing machine and that is what this is.”

The company did say Spencer would be able return the washing machines to its store, but that it would not cover the new purchase.SPerling filed a lawsuit against Millersburg Electric, and is asking for up to $1 million in damages.